D-BSSE Doctoral Administration

Administrative Issues

The D-BSSE Doctoral Administration provides assistance on all administrative issues of your doctoral studies that are listed on this website. We are here and happy to help, in person, via email or phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if your question is not answered by the information given in the legal documents or on this website. Many more information is also provided by the central Doctoral Administration on their website.

Dr. Andrea Huber Brösamle
Department Coordinator & Head Doctoral Administration



Office hours: Mon-Fri

Inga Pilling



Office hours: Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri

General inquiries:  

Worries and Doubts

Worries and doubts are part of life. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need advice or assistance in difficult situations during your doctoral studies. Your concern will be treated confidentially if you wish.

The Doctoral and Department Coordinator and the Head of Department are always available. Please get in touch.

There are also these persons you can turn to:

  • Your fellow doctoral students
  • Your supervisor
  • Your doctoral thesis supervisor
  • HR representative:
  • VMB Person of Trust team
  • AVETH Counselling
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